Thursday, December 10, 2009

adiNation Training Run – 9 December 2009

The original plan was to do a slow easy two loops (4.6 km) or at most three loops (6.9 km) as a recovery run post Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Adding fuel to the fire was Kei Ming’s intention to do three loops – he was tired from the interval training earlier in the week and he wanted to conserve as much energy as possible for Friday’s Jaya Jusco run.

We both ended up running 9.2 km. As we were finishing round three, Ronnie urged me to push on for one more lap commenting that the three laps covered were done at a relatively easy pace since we were still able to chat. He even joked that at 6.9-7 km, we were at the 40 km mark and just 2 km away from completing a full marathon! Good one, yeah? With that kind of pep talk, how could I possibly chicken out????!!!!

I finished the so-called recovery run in 51:34 minutes with an average speed of 5:40 min/km. With a 5:40 min/km speed for a recovery run, how much faster could I go in a race?
Oh yes, the Lake Garden’s edition of adiNation has been moved to Wednesday to accommodate Kei Ming’s class schedule, not that I mind.

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