Friday, December 11, 2009


I just realized that it will be a 4-day working week for the rest of the year; every Friday is a public holiday of some sort! The Selangor guys are getting today off for the Sultan’s birthday; next week (18 December) is Awal Muharam; the following week (25 December) is Christmas; after that it will be New Year.

I am pretty set for the last 2 weeks since I will be in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Next week is still a puzzle – I could either hop onto a bus down south and do the “Let’s take a Walk” 10 km event or stay put and toss a coin about doing the Malakoff Run’s extended 7.4 km.

Or I could explore Yiu Ming’s suggestion further – a trip to Kuching. I have never really explored Kuching; the very few times I was there was more of a “get in in the morning, get out in the afternoon” and the places I went to were offices or construction sites or memorial parks – these were site visits for a previous job.

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