Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Subway sandwiches

During my meat eating days and before the arrival the maid, I would doggie bag a tortilla wrap from Subway for dinner. My favourite fillings were seafood & crab and tuna. Since my conversion to a vegan diet, I found it extremely difficult to order from Subway since their “Veggie Delight” is nothing to shout about – it’s just a mish mash of vegetables! No different from the condiments that accompanied my seafood& crab or tuna wrap previously. Until the arrival of Siti, I was surviving on San Francisco Coffee’s vegetable or mushroom pie or the vegetarian economy rice from Taman Mayang.

On a previous trip down south, I discovered “veggie patty” being offered at Subway. It is a patty made up of a mash of mushrooms and assorted vegetables, including roots. I loved it! Especially so with the honey mustard, Chipotle Southwest and sweet onion sauces which are not found on this side of the Causeway.

During the weekend, I had the tortilla wrap with veggie patty on two consecutive days, not that I mind. Plus my mind was on the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) rather than anything else though I was conscious to eat healthy. Hence the choice of Subway. In any event, it was also a convenient choice since I could doggie bag it home on Friday evening from Expo after collecting the SCSM race pack. On Saturday afternoon, I made my way to City Hall to get the sandwich simply because I wanted to have it for dinner! Talk about cravings! And I’m not even pregnant! City Hall is just 4 stops away and I could do with a walk after being cooped up in the apartment the entire day.

I had always preferred a tortilla wrap to the bread choices at Subway simply because I find the bread too filling. A tortilla wrap is a just nice option and allows me to indulge in post dinner dessert e.g. coffee, nuts or fruits.

I wonder if the Malaysian Subway franchise will consider bringing in the veggie patty but high chances would be it would not. The Malaysian population is generally meat, fat, sugar and calorie loving going by the statistics announced by the government recently. Oh well, I guess the Subway tortilla veggie patty wrap will be my treat whenever I am down south.

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