Monday, November 30, 2009

ZAIA – Cirque du Soleil

We went off to Macau after checking in at the hotel on Friday afternoon. As always, I was sick during the ferry ride although the full blast of the air conditioning and coffee during the ride tempered the queasiness.

We picked up the tickets for the show before a cam-whoring session and a quick look around. Dinner was the typical Cantonese fare at Canton Restaurant – we found out much later that it was one of the recommended dining places. I’ll post the pictures from dinner on my Facebook…at some point in time.

The auditorium, the ambience, and the crowds just happened to fall into place. The green-lighted wooden paneled walls leading into the auditorium set the mood for the night. The emcee was hilarious and entertaining – interacting with both early and latecomers taking their seats. Unfortunately, cameras and audio visual were not allowed or else I could post some of the amazing visuals from the show! There were flying trapezes, juggles with all sorts of objects you can think of (bowling pins, hula-hoops, fire hoops), acrobatics on stilts, two intertwined bodies performing some moves similar to my yoga asanas, trampoline jumps, flying acrobatics on ropes etc.

Guess who we bumped into at the show????!!!! Aunty Mimi and her siblings with her mom! I think it was their annual parent-children trip since no spouses or grandkids were present. Aunty Margaret even gave us a balloon she managed to catch at the end of the show; not that we didn’t have any – Ee Lin and I had one each but manners demanded that we hang onto the one given by Aunty Margaret. Eventually we left all three balloons at the counter after another round of cam whoring.

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