Monday, November 30, 2009

New Balance 5km Run

The team went for the New Balance 5km Run at the Selangor Turf Club instead of Lake Gardens for the adiNation Training Run on 26 November 2009.

The run was interesting as it took us around the turf club (not the actual running lanes for the races lest we damage the precious grass and top soil!). The run was enjoyable for both the scenery and the flattish route. There were two slopes in the run – at the start and end points.
The flag-off was at the car park and we ran upslope before turning into the racecourse. Thereafter it was just running around the course before heading back into the car park and back to the start route. It was a final upslope before finishing at the clubhouse.

While the run was marked as a 5km route, the distance was shorter. My Garmin registered 4.37km whereas Kei Ming found out from another runner that his showed 4.34 km. The shorter distance probably explains why the guys were finishing in 16-18 minutes. I came in at 22:52 minutes (gun time) or 22:47 minutes (Garmin) for fourth placing in the Women’s Open category. As usual the field was pretty limited for the fairer sex and hence the opportunity for a placing. I was surprised at my placing since I started right at the back this time.

All in, a good outing – hey I managed to earn a RM100 voucher and even an additional RM10 from the sale of my event tops (RM30 but set off against the race registration fee of RM20).

Photo credits to Moey

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