Thursday, November 5, 2009

Great Eastern Women's 10K 2009

The race on Sunday was intense – this is what you get with “quality” participants. The winning time by a Kenyan lady (the returning champion) was 34:01 minutes with the second lady (Anna Thompson/Commonwealth champion) coming in 20 seconds later. So with my time of 56:10 minutes, it was no surprise that I placed 249th in a field of 5,400 ladies. Unlike the Shape Run, you don’t see that many “walkers” or ladies taking leisurely strolls (my guess is that most ladies signed up for the goodie bag rather than the run).

I woke up with extremely achy quads and shins on Monday morning that I couldn’t bear to hang around town after gym. The most I could do was crawl back to the house and put my feet up – even the crawl from the MRT station to the house was a huge struggle.

The back muscles and shin splits continue their pounding on Tuesday morning. That coupled with the I-can-feel-it-coming-on throat infection sent me to Dr Ling who asked me to take a week’s rest from “vigorous” exercises and 2 days off work. Unfortunately, the ever-problematic PCSB thwarted all plans and I spent 75% of my sick leave in the office!

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