Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deepavali weekend – Wedding Reception in Penang

Date: 17 October 2009
Time: 1800 onwards
Venue: Tigran Suite and Ashrak Suite at E&O Hotel Penang

The tea ceremony (for those who didn’t attend the Miri event) began at 6 pm at the Tigran Suite. This was followed by (a lot of) cam-whoring. Thereafter everyone stepped out onto the lobby for cocktails.

Door gifts:
Fruit cake in a gold brown organza pouch

  • Mom & Grandma: Red lace cheongsam & Dark purple velvet cheongsam
  • Male family members: Suit
  • SW: Backless short orange shift with full skirt; black stockings and black shoes
  • Aunty Shirley: Backless halter neck black cheongsam
  • Aunty Annabelle, Aunty Chris & Aunty Mimi: Full length black gowns
  • Ee Lin: Short black sleeveless dress
  • SL: Baby blue tube gown
Jit Fah/Hon Leong commented that the Ipoh gang seemed to be dressed for a sombre event!

Cocktail Menu:
Beer, juices and kacang putih

Dinner Menu: Typical Chinese 8-course meal
  • Four seasons platter – pretty interesting as it wasn’t the usual condiments served – they even had sushi!
  • Shark fins’ broth
  • Braised and roast duck (or was it chicken?) – the menu indicated chicken but the meat and the layer of fat under the skin seems to suggest duck
  • Steamed cod fish – 4 fillets of this!
  • Stir fried prawns – these were huge!
  • Stir fried mushrooms and vegetables
  • Yee mee with peppered with generous servings of big prawns, fish fillets, octopus, scallops – Uncle Stanley commented that it was probably enough to fill 15 heads while Andrew said they’ll probably take 30 days to finish it (since they doggie-bagged it). Grandma and Aunty Mabel also doggie-bagged the leftovers from their table for mom.
  • Dessert of warm soup of sea coconut and longans
Extremely generous servings for each dish and well cooked too!

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