Friday, October 16, 2009

Adidas Running Community – 15 October 2009

I finished 4 loops in 50:25 (according to Ronnie’s stopwatch). I was pretty shaky after the run and couldn’t press and hold down the button on my Garmin so my reading was 50:49.16. I took it relatively easy and only pushed on in the last 50 meters at the urging of Lai and Ronnie who kept pestering and reminding me that Kee was catching up. Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered even if he did beat me – after all my philosophy is that guys are supposed to be tougher, stronger and faster.

I wonder how much slack I could cut if I had really pushed it?

I was actually glad that Kei Ming was behind me rather than the opposite – which was the order of things last week. And the story goes that once I saw him stopping after 3 loops, I did so too…and so did Zuraimi. The domino effect! I paced with Ronnie, Lai and Kei Ming for the first loop and thereafter with Kei Ming for the next one and was basically on my own for the last 2. The splits for the first two loops were great with the pacers and I started falling back on rounds 3 and 4. Then again, my goal was to finish four loops rather than improve the timing.

Unfortunately the stomach cramps came on when I got home which made having dinner a struggle. I even skipped my usual cuppa and crawled into bed at 1115 pm. The unceasing dull ache lasted until after my session with Satish this morning. All this makes for loading up or eating more after a long run very difficult and at this rate, I’ll never put on weight or get bigger.

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