Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Workout – 29 September 2009

I warmed up with a 4.62km jog at Lake Gardens before heading to the gym. It was quite a cool morning and I didn’t struggle as much as I did last week. Or perhaps it was because I slowed down quite a fair bit today.

Today we worked on legs and shoulders. Supersets of:

  • Leg press + Alternate static lunge
  • Smith machine squat + Sumo squat with DB overhead press
  • Nautilus overhead press + DB lateral raise
  • Leg extension + Prone leg curl
  • BB upright row + DB shrugs

Longer distance

In an effort to clock the mileage, I should be upping more distance than the 4 loops around Lake Gardens but unfortunately the body is not willing. In fact it’s been quite punishing physically to finish 4 loops and ignoring the constant battles running through my mind during the fourth loop. Hence I always look forward to days like today when I've a weight training session.

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