Monday, September 28, 2009

Weight gain to fit into evening gown

I went gown shopping yesterday and spent an hour at Cherry Pom Pom/Solaris trying on a handful of gowns. Most of my pickings (or rather Cherie’s recommendation) were off shoulder, strapless, tubes as the both of us agree that my upper body is pretty muscular and developed and would look good in these styles. The V-shape maroon and the toga style (also in maroon) didn’t suit me. In the end it was down to a green two-toned strapless high waist flowing gown or a blue heart shaped beaded bustier. I choose the latter because the two toned blues coupled with the heart shape bust showed off my creamy shoulders and arms perfectly. Plus I found the green gown a bit too plain.

Cherie will have to take in a fair bit on the bustier as well as cinched the waist. She was pretty worried about me putting on weight in the next 3 weeks although I told her if anything, it would be more of a weight loss going by precedents and despite my daily 5-meals. Plus I’m anticipating an increased mileage in my runs leading up to the GE Women’s 10K. I was (and am still) somewhat stressed about this weight business and more or less resolved to put in a bit more calories as a preemptive measure.

Ok, I’ve just chowed down 5 cream crackers with peanut butter for my mid morning snack, which should last me all of 1.5 hours!

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