Monday, September 28, 2009

Extended Raya weekend – Wedding Reception

Date: 20 September 2009

Time: 1830 onwards
Cocktails were supposed to start at 1830 but I gathered from conversations that there were some guests who arrived at 1800 and were actually sitting outside the reception ballroom awaiting entry. One of biggest amusement of the evening was the punctual arrival of guests! The ballroom was close to 80% filled by 1845 and dinner pretty much started close to the printed time on the invite. Now compared this against the leisurely style of dinner guests in KL, Penang, Ipoh etc!

Venue: Eastwood Valley Golf Resort
A charming little resort with wooden chalets dotting the perimeter. The staircase leading to the ballroom was decorated with pink and white ribbon (those being the theme colours) and flower petals scattered on the stairs and along the walkway. Similarly the route leading to the main table in the room was lined with tall pots of roses and huge fat candles. There was dome in the ballroom itself with some yellow motifs (sorry it was way too high for me to notice).

Door gifts:
Fruit cake in a pink organza pouch
Leaf bunches carvings on scented candle

Mom & Grandma: Red lace cheongsam & Dark purple velvet cheongsam
Dad & Grandpa: Suit
SW: Short orange shift with full skirt; black stockings and black shoes
HTN: Grey suit with Hermes orange tie (SW’s order! Just to match her dress)
Uncle Peter & Uncle Wai Leong: Batik shirt
Aunty Shirley: Full length black spaghetti strap; silver shawl; black shoes
Ee Lin: Short black sleeveless dress cinched at the waist with a red belt; black stockings and red patent shoes
SL: Mid shin length cream lace dress with pearl beadings neckline; beige gold shawl; gold slippers

Hon Leong
Phaik Kim – I finally met her after all these years and after all this time on FB!
Huai Shiong & wife
Jit Fah (aka Mr Pilot Pen) & wife

Cocktail Menu:
Fried fritters and drinks
I gleaned this info from Mr Pilot Pen since I didn’t attend the pre-dinner event. He even told me that some uncle walloped a huge amount and the food ran out pretty quickly!

Dinner Menu: Typical Chinese 8-course meal
Four seasons platter
Shark fins’ broth
Herbal duck with wolfberries
Fried cod fish
Nestum breaded fried prawns
Stir fried mushrooms and vegetables
Lotus leaf wrapped glutinous rice
Dessert of warm soup of sea coconut and longans
To our amazement (concurred by tough foodies Uncle Peter and Aunty Shirley), the food was good; even beating some of those served in KL. This was another plus point since usually Chinese fare dished out for 40-table gatherings are just so-so. I especially like the glutinous rice though I spent quite a fair bit of time picking out the dried prawns.

Fairly dignified (by Chinese standards! And my preference!) affair with the band belting out English and one or two Mandarin numbers. I found out that there’s only 1 band in the whole town! Talk about monopoly! The gaiety started towards the end of the evening with the rounds of “yam seng” and loads of cam-whoring. The photo op set up for KM’s colleagues took uber long and I snapped at least 3 to 4 pictures while the official cameraman was still directing the guys. Hey KM even took a picture with the band boys!

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