Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend in Singapore

This weekend past was great. I met up with a few friends; well in fact I had a meal with a different friend.

It started with dinner on Saturday at Pin Si in AMK with Thaanner and his wife. Both of them are looking well and are settling into their new place in Yishun. It has been over a year since we last met and we spent dinner and coffee catching up on the going-ons etc. Pin Si is your typical Hong Kong Chan Char Teng and I didn’t find my dry noodles with mushroom that fantastic. In fact, truth be honest, it was rather bland but I needed the carbs after my earlier run in the morning.

Sunday’s lunch at Itohsu ION Orchard was with Hui Ying who came from a teambuilding event in Sentosa. We ordered a crabstick avocado salad, scallop conch sushi, wagyu beef sushi, pumpkin tempura to share while we each had a handroll. Since I’m vegan, I polished the pumpkin tempura. I enjoyed the food here better than Pin Si, especially so since it has been some time since I had Japanese. Depending on how things go, we may go off to Hong Kong during the Christmas break since she has use of an empty apartment. It’s just too bad I’ll be in Miri this weekend, else I’ll probably be traversing the streets of Hong Kong with her.

A bit of a walkabout in Isetan and Tangs before heading to Tully’s Coffee at Orchard Central. I should have just headed there after lunch – the place seems nice and the brand names are not the usual run of the mill. Looks like Orchard Central will be my next destination the next time I’m in town. Anyway back to Tully’s; they’re a bit like your Starbucks and Coffee Bean but their coffee (from what I gathered) is supposed a class better. I decided to skip caffeine and settled on a Chai Latte and a raisin Danish while Nic ordered a Mocha and Stacy, an iced coffee.

I finally got the painting from Nic – wow! It’s a still life – I must get around to getting a photo of it and putting it up. I probably won’t have time to get it framed etc before this weekend. I must get Nic to do some more of these for the next person’s wedding, birthdays etc.

Completed my weekend with a dinner with Lotusfairy Wendy at Café Cartel in Bishan. We ordered the Linguine with Mushroom to share and she ordered the soup (which comes with unlimited bread) on the presumption that we would go for tempting desserts after that. In the end she was too filled up with the bread to have dessert. Aw shucks!

All in I enjoyed my weekend very much. It was also probably the first weekend which didn’t feature a race. I must organize more of such meet ups with people like Bryan, Andy and the rest.

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