Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning Yoga

I decided to forgo my usual hour long cardio this morning and opted for yoga instead, especially since I don’t want to tire myself out before this evening’s Adidas Running Community session. Oh never mind the calorie counting since I should be able to make up for any perceived “deficit” this evening, tomorrow and Saturday (I hope!). I’m not too sure how much calories I should be burning in a week and the calorie counters on the cross trainers at the gym are highly deceptive. Even Satish agrees with me on this point; he commented that he feels more winded and tired after a run vis-à-vis cross training despite cranking up the levers on the machines.

Today’s sequence
  • Continuous sun salutations and which is also imbibed after every pose
  • Balancing pose of leg in front and leg at the side followed by the dancer’s pose
  • Balancing pose of plank with one leg resting/lifting off on a bended arm
  • Side angle plank pose with the leg held up
  • Wide leg forward bend with the interlocked hands (similar to the one for cow’s head pose)
  • Reverse triangle cum twist with the hands interlocked around legs
  • Runner’s stretch
  • Shoulder stand followed by head-to-knee pose and the fish

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