Friday, September 11, 2009

Singapore Races & Team Fatbird

I’m looking forward to spending some weekend time in Singapore without actually having a race there. So far every weekend spent in Singapore this year was for a race unlike last year when it was the exact opposite except for 2 visits (Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCSM) and Club30 year-end do). And hence the trip planned for this weekend. My solid and probably only excuse is to collect the artwork from Nic aka KB.

I “commissioned” an artwork from Nic for KM’s wedding gift. It’s still a surprise to me since I gave Nic the freehand to run things but I gathered that it’s a still life and still life is a wide berth. I’m actually pretty excited on seeing the finishing product. I understand that KM had requested for a picture frame which SW has bought; HTN and her will probably top that up with some artwork they got during their Melbourne and Tasmania trip last week.

Apart from meeting up with Nic and Stacy aka Skeujin, I’ll also be having either dinner or brunch with Hui Ying – she was the one who has been bugging me to visit! So it’ll be tea at Tully Orchard Central – great opportunity to check out the mall and café, dinner or brunch with Hui Ying and dinner on Sunday with Lf and VK. Hopefully I can squeeze in some shopping in between all these.

Let’s recount the races in Singapore so far: Suburban Run Sengkang, Adidas Sundown Marathon, Shape Run and the Army Half Marathon. Coming up would be the Great Eastern Women’s 10K, Run for Hope, SCSM and Let’s take a Walk. Only one more day to the deadline for the Pink Ribbon Run and maybe a couple of days for the Nike Human Race 10K.

Since I’m in Singapore a fair bit, I’m thinking of signing up for Team Fatbird’s Operation Sunbird. I guess it’s probably more for the tips and guidance online rather than the actual runs. I could perhaps join them for the weekend runs when I’m in town. This brings to mind Krishnan’s/Adidas talks about Adidas’ plans to introduce the AdiNation passport where runners can get a stamp every time they join a regular Adidas-sponsored run, anywhere in the world. It’s a bit like a report card that Ronnie/Kei Ming is now keeping for us in the Adidas Running Community.

Back to my piqued interest in Operation Sunbird:

  • they have been running this for at least 2-3 years
  • they have been successful in helping a lot of people achieve their PBs, both for the AHM and SCSM
  • they have a systematic training schedule [then again so does Ronnie for the Adidas Running Community]

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