Friday, September 18, 2009

Adidas Running Community – 17 September 2009

I spent the entire 9.2km running in the rain! Add to that headwinds and a heavy downpour in the first loop. The rain more or less subsided in the subsequent loops but it didn’t help that my shoes down to my socks were thoroughly soaked by then – which of course made them heavier. Running in the wet shoes and socks also increased the abrasion between my right foot bunion, socks and shoes and hence aggravated the healed blister at that spot. The end result being a blister on top of another blister.

Running in the rain can be advantageous in several aspects e.g. stimulating a race day when such unexpected environmental elements rear its head. The things or precautions to watch out for during such training include lightening strikes, muddy or slippery paths and getting chilled after the run. I made it a point to dry and warm up immediately yesterday lest a repeat of Tuesday morning’s incident when I worked up a minor headache after training in the gym in my rain-soaked clothes, socks and shoes.

I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t winded after the third loop and could even manage to finish the fourth without the usual heaving and panting. I guess running in a cooler climate added with the getting-out-of-the-rain motivation helped.

All in my timing (according to Ronnie who wasn’t keeping track and estimated) was 52:45. It’s still a long long long way from Kenny’s blistering 41 minutes – then again, I’m quite happy where I’m.

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