Monday, September 7, 2009


As usual the procrastinator in me put off getting the blusher during the weekend past and no amount of scraping on the old one would have helped. So activated my regular backup plan and used the red eyeshadow this morning. Would have used the pink coloured one – but this one ran out 2 years ago and I never got around to replacing it. See! That’s the depth of my procrastination!

I’ll probably get a cheaper-priced blusher at Sasa, Guardian or Watsons, depending on which outlet and brand has sale items. I was pretty happy with the Sasa rose pink blusher I was using – and which I got at a discount. Then again the Silkygirls I’ve used prior to this also worked. Both brands do go the distance and the colour was still there at the end of the working day.

The current philosophy is to stick to high street names like Maybelline, Loreal and Sasa for office wear since I use them on a daily basis and need to replace them often while splurging (when I can afford it) for the other times. I do really like M.A.C. for their staying power and easy applicability but their price tag is a turnoff (M.A.C. is never sold at a discount!).

Viv was telling me that she has since switched to mineral makeup for their mild and non-irritating functions. Both of us had a makeover session prior to a show last year. I didn’t find or notice any difference between the both. Additionally that session didn’t go too well for me – the makeup ran even before the night was out – and this despite us having our faces done in the evening. In fact mface was oily only after 2 hours. However I put all these down to the brand rather than mineral makeup per say. Even Viv agrees as her makeup lasts the day.

The one item I usually skip in my makeup routine is lip colour because I can’t tolerate having to ingest that stuff when I eat or drink. Unless it is absolutely necessary to have a lip colour e.g. photo ops, I go naked on this.

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