Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Interesting Runs

This morning, I discovered 2 interesting and very short runs in October: Walk the Pink and Quacky Run.

Walk the Pink is a 3.8km walk/run on 3 October (the same day as the Singapore Pink Ribbon Run) and starts and ends at Menara Kuala Lumpur. May consider doing this event if I’m not doing the Singapore version (last day to sign up is tomorrow) or if I could wing it – do the Singapore version in the morning and take the KL event as a “walk in the park”. If I do sign up for the KL event, it will probably be more for the goodie bag – hey Estee Lauder is a sponsor!

The Quacky Run is also another cancer awareness event organized by Assunta Hospital and supported by Jaya One. No information on the distance and the route map they have on seems minute. The what-I-don’t-like-about-this-event: walk/run in their tee and collection of goodie bag after the event.

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