Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Extended weekend

We had an extended weekend just past given that 31 August fell on Monday. A lot of city folks (including SW and YM and a couple of girlfriends from school) were out of town. I stayed home for the better part of the weekend, minus the usual routine – gym, yoga, pole dancing, reflexology.

Thought about doing a short run in Lake Gardens on Monday morning and had even set the alarm to go off at the god-forsaken-hour of 630 am. The plan was to finish 2 loops and head to gym for the usual cardio. Woke up at the appointed time and felt lazy and got distracted by Facebook. Long and short, I stayed in bed till it was time to head to the gym. On hindsight it was probably the right thing to do since this year’s Merdeka celebrations were held at Parliament and not Dataran Merdeka.

The rest of Monday was pretty much a blur – lunch, afternoon siesta, tea, dinner, TV.

Sunday was more or less the same as Monday but but but for the photo op during pole practice. My goodness, I do love them – we had shots of Scorpio, Gemini, Handstand variation, Butterfly. Hopefully we get a few more shots this coming weekend!

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