Friday, August 28, 2009

Caught in the rain at Lake Gardens

Got caught in the rain this morning and spent half the run in the rain. No difference whether I push ahead to finish the loop or turned back, distance wise. As you will notice from the split times, I had to push it a bit more on the last km. Better timing compared to Wednesday and zero flare up on the toe joint – which makes me wonder if it’s the NB 966 that’s causing the problem. On hindsight, it shouldn’t be as I had that problem before the NB 966 surfaced.

1.000 > 5:59.22 > 5.59/km
1.000 > 5:56.40 > 5.56/km
1.000 > 5:56.23 > 5.56/km
1.000 > 5:42.42 > 5.42/km
0.585 > 3:22.89 > 5.47/km

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