Friday, September 25, 2009

Adidas Running Community – 24 September 2009

We finished 4 loops around Lake Gardens yesterday evening. As usual the guys were way ahead of me and clocked sub-50; oh well most of them in the mid-40s. I finished in 51:12min – quite a feat but it was still off Ronnie’s target of 50min. Guess it’s back to drawing board – more speedwork.

I don’t seem to fear the hills and upslope as much as I did when I started on this programme. I’ve also noticed that I don’t ache as much these days despite conquering the slopes – unlike the times when I practiced on the treadmills and run races outdoors. The Adidas training programme and my own practice runs around Lake Gardens have helped tremendously. The Adidas training programme was the impetus for the latter – don’t think I would have even considered running outdoors if not forced to.

The weather yesterday was too warm and humid and I could feel the pangs of thirst creeping up in rounds 2 and 3. So I was all too glad to finish and was pleasantly surprised at my timing.

Datuk Yaziz came by yesterday and brought loads of Raya goodies for everyone – choc chip cookies, cashew nut cookies, fruit cake and Vitagen. I’m one of those who can’t stomach anything other than liquids immediately after a workout and hence skipped the snacks. Ronnie also came around handing out key chains with Crocs embellishments! I picked the pink one for Mandy – it’s her favourite colour after all.

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