Friday, September 4, 2009

Adidas Community Run – 3 September 2009

Thursday – 3 September 2009

Starting this post on Thursday evening with a heavy heart – on the one hand I feel like skipping the training and on the other I know that it is absolutely vital for me to be there, else how do I up the stakes and improve on my running gait? I do really wish they had these trainings in the mornings or over the weekends. Guess I’ll just head over to Lake Gardens and finish 2 loops.

Friday – 4 September 2009

I did 3 loops yesterday evening – but it was a really slow 6.9km as my big toe joint didn’t feel too good. Ronnie had wanted us to do 4 loops in 55 minutes – quite a tall order since I usually hit about 56 – 59 minutes on my regular Saturday mornings.

At the end of the session, Krishnan from Adidas Malaysia gave the newbies a water bottle each. And he offered Kee a pair of shoes at a huge discount – RM210 for a RM350++ shoe because the guy was running in his Power shoe. Brings to my philosophy – get proper shoes even if you’re a casual runner. Note to self: must ask Krishan if I could get gym tops and running short or tights cheaper when I see him next. Actually was tempted to ask for a swap for socks instead of the water bottle (which I have zero use).

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