Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Running Shoes

Some lady tried to steal my running shoes in the gym this morning! The worst bit being it was the one-year old NB858 rather than the recently-purchased NB966 and the pair which I had to trudge through the mud-filled Padang at SCSM 2008. Let’s recount what took place.

As usual, I left my shoes in the plastic bag outside my locker when I head into the showers – and for all of the nearly 10 years in the gym, my shoes have stayed intact in the place they were left. Minus today. I realized that the bag was missing when I started to gather my things into the gym bag after my shower. Guess where I found them? On the dressing table together with this lady’s bags, stuff – she was blowing her hair and applying face paint. And when I went over to look at the suspiciously-looks-like-my-plastic-bag, she glared at me! I found a wet tee in the bag which I promptly threw on the floor before putting the plastic bag into my gym bag.

Must remember to single her out to Satish tomorrow.

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