Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Singapore Shape Run 2009 - 19 July 2009


  • Gorgeous hot pink Nike vest.
  • Nike bracelet in place of the usual finisher’s medal.
  • Goodie bag filled to the brim with actually usable things. I counted no less than 5 spa vouchers! There were 2 bottles of cooking oil (beats me too!), Kellogg’s cornflakes, copious pain rub and creams, raisins, mentos, H-Two-O (Yeo’s version of 100 Plus), tiny tub of hydrating cream, mobile phone tag.
  • Zero hills!
  • Nice weather.
  • Best timing ever for a 10km – 55:03 is my guestimate.


  • Dodging the 5km walkers at the end point. I probably expended more energy doing this than actually running.

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