Friday, July 17, 2009

Adidas Running Community - 16 July 2009

We did 3 loops around Lake Gardens yesterday though the first loop was a longer route - reconnaissance exercise for Ronnie and Kei Min for their Pacemaker Relay. The first loop was 2.6 km and an uphill climb – I didn’t feel that winded though I suspect it was because everyone was running slower to warm up the body. The next 2 loops were the usual 2.3 km. The last one was a catch up game with Kei Ming as he was practically sprinting towards the finishing. My timing was 43:07 – pretty disappointing, huh?

Ronnie then led us through some exercises to improve our gait and running style. Oh well, basically everyone had it wrong. Need to lift our legs higher! I thought this part of the session was tougher than actually running the 3 loops!

Finished off around 8 pm.

Pretty dead tired this morning and only because I have training everyday of this week coupled with the double session yesterday. So decided to ease off the elliptical Arc Trainer this morning.

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