Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sports Massage

A good sport massage therapist remains elusive! Been trying out a few massage centers for either aromatherapy or Thai massages – most are alright but nothing spectacular so far.

Yesterday had an aromatherapy massage at Rimba Spa at Royale Bintang Curve since they were dishing out promotions to Hong Leong Bank card members – RM120 for 75 minutes of Vita Tea package. It consisted of a body scrub and massage with the usual eye pillow and ginger tea thrown in.

The scrub granules were the finer ones and I would prefer the hardier ones only because psychologically I think they do a better job at removing the dead cells and polishing my skin. I felt the therapist wasn’t strong enough and my muscles could handle a lot more pressure. Golly I do need it to loosen my muscles after all those workouts.

Gave Thai massage a go a few months back. Actually it was my second time trying it out after a respite of 3-4 years. It is a bit like shiatsu where they apply pressure on certain pressure points (or maybe it is those along the meridian path) with a bit of stretching (and yogic moves?). On both occasions, I went to places that specializes in Thai massage and hire Thai masseurs. Thai massage takes a bit of getting used to and it is awfully painful! But the girls are good and strong.

Pretty dissatisfied with last night’s massage and am wondering if I should:
a) give Jojoba (operator of Rimba Spa) my feedback; and/or
b) have a Thai or aromatherapy massage at Thai Odyssey (eventhough I have never had the latter done there before).

I should give the couple that Elizabeth recommended a try. The only downside to that is I hope they have a shop or outlet I can pop by because she mentioned that she gets her treatment at home. And I really don’t have the space for this.

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