Sunday, March 15, 2009

Suburban Run 2009

Held in Sengkang, Singapore. It's one of those neighbourhood runs. The only reason I signed up was because I could do it online, unlike the Newton Run last weekend. Claire collected the goodie bag for me last weekend and the selection wasn't too bad: Bodynit top, 2 bottles of Japanese made orange juice, 3 Milo Fuze 3-in-1, some wipes. The finisher medal and cap was dished out after the run. I chose a red cap since I've never been a fan of white stuff.
Blistering warm day and I started a bit too fast. Which probably explains why the silent swearing and cussing came quite early on. This route is similar to the IOI Puchong Community Run 2008 - running around the neighbourhood and like in Puchong, zero trees along the road. It's just energy sapping having to run when the sun is up. Opposite end of the Singapore Marathon where there's such much greenery.
Came in at 55:45. Shocker for me too since I distinctly spied the clock at 33 min on the side of road where we had flagged off. And this was at the 4.5 km turn back. Thought I was done in and was hoping at the very least I could equal the 66 min at the Mizuno wave 2008. A nice elderly gentleman did come up to me twice commenting that I was looking good and could step it up. Golly, all I wanted to do was stop and walk. Still clueless how I managed a 55.
Downsides: 2 blood blisters on my left foot. Same toes as the blood under the toenails. I just wish the nails would grow out. No way (apart from laying off running) can I avoid injuring myself when the nails are up and out like that.

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