Monday, April 13, 2009

Good Friday to Easter Sunday

Last weekend was by far probably the worst weekend to have been. Was working till about 9 on Friday night because the scheduled call with the accountants was pushed from 5 pm to 630 pm and only happened at 730 pm. Then it was back to the excel model drawing board. Eventually gave up at 9 pm because the precedent model which the accountants had suggested we use was not formularized. I spent the whole weekend cracking my head over that magical number. Come to think of it, was pretty glad I left at 9 pm – the solution eventually came to me when I was a lot calmer and rational. So it was back to the office on Sunday morning after my pole practice. It took less than 30 minutes to plug the hole!

Saturday was a washed out as I had to attend a day long course in some god forsaken place in Jalan Ipoh. Naturally I got lost trying to find the place. Golly, the hall and the mall (if only it could be called that! More like a neighbourhood mall in some small town) was so dodgy, ancient and old. It even smells odd. I couldn’t even take a walk around the “mall” during the lunch break because the shops were closed – at least 80% of it.

Back to the course. It was so elementary and basic – nothing that I can’t gleaned off any of the financial magazines or publication. Gave up mid way and started flipping the papers though I wasn’t the first one. The guys (everyone of them!) at the table adjoining us had already done that from count 0. Let’s try to list down the weaknesses:
a) Choice of location was just so wrong. They could very well have used our auditorium or learning center
b) Choice of day was even worst – asking everyone to give up a Saturday for an elementary course?
c) Topic – no new information or insight
So why was everyone there? CPE points and it’s one of the mandatory courses for the regulatory licensing.

To think I gave up my Saturday for this!

I must have been really whacked out as I overslept on Sunday – 20 minutes. Oh yeah, restarted on the weekend pole practice yesterday. Exotic pole is so different – zero spins – but easier if I could master the dance moves. Anyway, next week it’ll be back to fit pole though it’s a beginner level 2 class.

That was my Easter weekend!

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