Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Diet Strategy for 1Q 2009

Need to increase my weight a bit – bulk up a little more, up (lean) muscle mass and perhaps lead to improved performance (hey, HH said he lowered his timing for his runs by putting on a bit more weight). Weight has been dropping like flies since I started the Buteyko breathing method (Shilpa did warn us about this) and changing to a vegan diet. Satish and I decided that we should try out a new strategy for 3 months and take it from there. So it’s not necessary eating more during meals if I can’t shove anymore into my mouth but frequent meals.

Have been trying it out this past couple of days – post-workout protein shake, breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, tea and dinner. If I get hungry later on in the night, been snacking on grapes. Noticed that I haven’t really had any cravings for junk (ok, maybe except peanuts but hey, nuts are a good source of protein, right? Or so I tell myself!). Been munching on cream crackers with peanut butter spreads for my snacks. That’s in addition to the peanut butter spread I use for my daily breakfast breads. Have a sneaky feeling that Raymond and everyone in the office thinks I’m coo-coo for taking so much peanut butter. But peanut butter is so much healthier than the sugar-laden jams or kaya spread!

I probably should also try to increase the portion sizes of my meals but sometimes it’s just impossible! Ok, keep trying.

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