Thursday, January 8, 2009

Books I'm reading

Will try to read more this year though I suspect most of it will be chick-lit. Finished Jill Mansell’s “Falling for you” just past New Year’s Day and that’s because I started it on New Year’s Eve. That holiday coupled with the weekend gave me a lot more time. Started on a second Jill Mansell book – “Nadia knows best” – a few more chapters to go and I’m done. Can’t say the same about Nicholas Sparks’ “The Lucky One” though – I got it sometime in November (or was it October?) and have been plowing through it slowly, very slowly. I can’t seem to see how the rest of Club 30 (Master and AV) finished it in a day or two. To me, the plot is nothing that extraordinary and seemed like a script from a Hollywood movie.

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