Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Eating

I’m normally a “healthy” eater for most of the week and Saturdays are days I dine out. This is usually Woods Macrobiotics in Bangsar. The usual suspects – fried rice (curried or otherwise, seaweed etc) or noodles or pasta. Followed this with a cupcake from D’lish – they cut prices by 30% after 8 pm. Only flavours I stick to are: carrot walnut (minus the cream cheese topping) and Snowball (aka vanilla with desiccated coconut topping). I once bought the banana peanut butter one – big mistake, calorie wise! There’s at least 1 cm of pure peanut butter on top of the cupcake!

So I pretty prepared for a calorie increase when I was in Singapore over the weekend – hey eating out for the entire time does that to you. Then again, I was bunking in with Vivien and she’s a calorie counter…so my diet plans stayed intact. In fact I think I had less than I would have if I was around. Had popiah/springroll for dinner on Saturday and Sunday, followed with a latte (after Avenue Q) and soy milk (Sunday). The only pigging out (if it can be even termed that) was Sunday’s lunch – vegetable tempura (5 pieces) and red bean dessert soup at the Jap place in Paragon.

All in all, am pleased it turned out OK given that the SCSM is just around the corner.

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