Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Makeup & Tromborg

The weekend got off to a great start with Vivien and I going for the makeover at Tromborg (5th Floor Ngee Ann City). Tromborg is a Danish brand that espouses the use of natural ingredients for their skincare and mineral stuff for the makeup. I think they are better off sticking to skincare rather than the latter. I didn’t find their makeup that long lasting. In fact, my face was already oily by the time we got home to get ready – and this was 1 hour after leaving town. I was practically blotting my nose, cheeks and forehead that night. The eye makeup was a goner by the time we got home after the show – the upper eyelash line was in the middle of my lids! Thank goodness, it was in Singapore and hence very unlikely of me bumping into anyone I know.

My usual M.A.C. makeup can take me from the moment I stepped into the office till I leave (and there have been numerous times where I left past midnight). Vivien commented that the colours I had on the following day were much better than those from Tromborg. Somehow M.A.C. eye colours are easier to blend – and this is coming from an amateur like me.

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