Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Typical Weekday Meals

Creatine (will be switching from the GNC Mega Creatine Extreme – lime flavour to the GNC Creatine Plus – unflavoured; which means I got to have this with glucose)

Wholemeal or multigrain bread with peanut butter (I love peanut butter spread!)
Soy protein shake

Mid morning
1 glass of barley
Fruit or biscuits (depends on the stomach rumblings)

Sandwich with wheat fiber or pumpkin filling (depends on what is in stock at the neighbourhood organic shop)
Coffee (this is probably the only time I take a meat by-product – in the form of condensed milk included in the coffee, courtesy of the tea lady here; giving her separate instructions will likely mess up her system of preparing 100 cups of beverage for the afternoon tea)
Maybe some nuts or crisps (yup, being naughty here!)

Tea (yes, I have 5 meals a day)
Cream crackers with peanut butter (notice the peanut butter sneaking into loads of stuff?)
Maybe some nuts or crisps (again????!!!)

Wholemeal or seaweed-infused organic noodles with wheat fiber “fishcake” and shredded carrots/turnips ala springroll fillings – sans sauce (hey, I’m beginning to love this though someone commented that he’ll be on the verge of suicide if he had to eat this)
Maybe a cuppa (depends whether I knock off after dinner!)
Sometimes in place of coffee (eg past few days), macademia nuts

And on Tuesdays (which is pole dancing class), cereals (Quaker Squares – yeah, I’m trying to be as healthy as I can) and soy milk. Of course coffee before class

Sometimes I wonder if I’m taking this healthy diet a bit too far but I console myself that I need to watch my diet so as it doesn’t turn my trainings, workouts and runs wacky. Plus I do indulge – see the crisps’ bits.

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