Monday, November 10, 2008

New Balance-IOI Community Run – 9 November 2008

Finished in 17th spot! Absolutely unbelievable for me too! But I guess since it’s more of a neighbourhood run and most of the competitive runners are either away at the Malakoff Powerman or preparing for the Penang Bridge run next weekend. Plus it was only a short 7.3km thingy. As usual, had to asked someone nearby the time when I was done. His stopwatch showed 42min but I guess since I finished in front of him and already had my race bib number taken/formalities…my time should be closer to 40 min? Pretty fast.

Guess it was my lucky day! Unfortunately had no use for the Hi-Tea vouchers from Putrajaya Marriott since I’m a light eater and a vegan to boot. Aunty Mabel even commented that I should have run faster and won 4 vouchers instead of 2 when I gave them to her – just so she doesn’t have to pay for herself! Yeah right…funny!

Well first orders first. Where in the blazing world is IOI Mall? And Bandar Puteri Puchong???!!! Never been to Puchong until the Friday before the run to collect the goodie bag from IOI Mall. Thank goodness for my cousin, Sam and Unc Peter who gave me the directions. In the end, it was really very easy to find those places. Nothing interesting or useful in the goodie bag save for 1 item – a 20% voucher from NB. Think I might get a gym top since some of mine are coming apart.

The flag off was supposed to be at 7:30 am but MP Teresa Kok came late? Eventually it got off closer to 8 am and the sun was blistering. Plus Bandar Puteri Puchong ain’t no Bukit Tunku (where the Mizuno Wave took place) where we had the lushes of jungles, trees etc. This was more like running on a long long highway. Good thing was no Bukit Tunku hills! Since this was more a neighbourhood run, they didn’t cordon off the roads and more than a couple of times my heartbeat skipped when a vehicle passed by. And darn…I had to stop at a traffic light 20m from the finishing line and felt dizzy because of the sudden stop movement. Thank goodness the stitches which came on midway through the run had disappeared by then.

Was a bit dehydrated and sunburned yesterday. Felt absolutely run down by the afternoon and didn’t feel like trudging to the gym for the additional 20 min of cardio. Hey it’s my golden rule of 60 min of cardio on non-weight training days.

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