Friday, October 10, 2008

Starting on Buteyko

I started on the Buteyko in April. Initially it was twice a day and eventually it was down to once - I did try but I just couldn't squeeze the mid-day one in! My first CP was just a little over 30 seconds and it took me well over a month to hit the 60-120-120-120-60 mark. I'm still struggling but I do notice that contrary to most people's experience, my best timings are at night. There were a whole host of rules to follow: no milk/cheese/eggs, no citrus fruits before noon, no meat/fish etc though apparently you can resume this diet once you've hit "ideal" times. I haven't gone back to my before-Buteyko diet. I don't mind. Anyway, the method seems to be sitting well with me, minus a few glitches and side effects.

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