Thursday, May 15, 2014

Three Things Thursday

  1. #DOMS #Legs #Workout or more aptly #IOMS since it was instantaneous. Yesterday’s “most intense leg workout to date
Supersets of:
(a)   Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (started with 225lbs for “warm ups” and incremental of 100lbs…on each side; writing it now makes me feel total #badass; operative word being “now”, yesterday, not much)
(b)   Smith machine squats (heavy and high reps; trying to put on my #gameface)

Now at this point, I was walking like a crab and we weren’t even a third of the way around. Next up, supersets of:
(c)   KB walking lunges supplemented by
jumping squats at 1 end followed by
static lunges on the other (the burn on the quads! And glutes! And basically the lower limbs)

Try walking up the stairs after this..or in my case, hauling my ass up with the aid of the banister (my new #BFF).

Supersets of:
(d)   Technogym leg extension (if it was any consolation, no dropsets this week!)
(e)   Cybex prone leg curl

Finished with abs on the Cybex AbCrunch

  1. I think we were hoping the other would cancel this morning’s run but neither of us did. Thank goodness because we felt so much better after putting in some mileage in hilly Seputeh and it was a nice cool morning.
  2. Rewarded myself with this – soft nice coconut flake filled bun, all the way from the Cat City courtesy of Raymond. And let me tell you this – this is so worth braving yesterday’s traffic! Very old school and 10x nicer than any found in your usual humdrum bakery!

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