Monday, May 26, 2014

Back to Work Monday

Well, it looks like back to the grind though I’m sure everyone was hoping for a day off (including yours truly; not that I’m in the least interested in the game). Decided to take a day off pounding asphalts after 6 days of running. The girls were up early (probably adjusting to the time difference) but were pretty quiet (for toddlers!). Michael and I work on Shoulders this morning – most were OK-ish (read: I didn’t exactly fall off the cliff):

Single sets of:
a)        Smith machine overhead shoulder press (pretty tough when you start at 10kg*2)
b)        DB lateral raise (dropsets on each set. Le sigh)

Supersets of:
c)        Curved BB overhead shoulder press
d)        Technogym cable criss cross overhead shoulder pressdown (left shoulder socket seems to be locked or in plain English – weak!)

Supersets of:
e)        Technogym cable criss cross rear delt row
f)        DB bendover row

Single set of: (this probably qualifies as the toughest WOD)
g)        Abs roll out on feet

Oh, did anyone watch the #IAAFWorldRelays this morning? #TeamUSA women were amaze-balls! They perked up an otherwise boring elliptical session this morning.

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