Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh Wow!

Oh wow…look at me…walking like a crab!

Oh wow…look at me…doing a full rack of leg press! [it’s been a while]

Oh wow…look at me…cursing that it’s Legs’ day!

Supersets of:
a)        EPIC hack squat (to tell the truth, this wasn’t too bad (read: heav-but-felt-so-manageable) even with the high reps and combo with the squat press)
b)        Cybex weight plate loaded leg squat press (nightmare came a-calling)

Supersets of:
c)        KB walking lunges (does anyone feel that the first workout in a superset = wolf in sheep clothing???!!!!)
d)        Raised static single lunges (nightmare number 2 came a-calling)

Supersets of:
e)        Technogym leg extension
f)        Nautilus leg press (the one comment that made my day: you’re so strong; now tell me that you can’t push a full rack after hearing that. Well, at least while commentator was around. Well, at least for the first set. LOL!)

Single sets of:
g)        Cybex prone leg curl
h)        Cybex eagle abdominal

Mostly supersets and all 4 sets for each workout.

Oh wow!

Unrelated but significantly more important than any other rant, blog post etc. Got these done over the weekend.

Oh wow!

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