Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Birthday SW!

Photo dump from Sunday’s celeb

Chocolate Dream Cake from Taman Sari (no, I couldn’t have made that up!)

Japanese dinner at Wasabi Bistro

And back to the grind on Monday morning! Michael wanted me to take another day off before we start hitting the legs after Sunday’s hour long stretch session. Yeah, unbelievable that we could actually stretch that long and it was just the legs! Probably a good idea since my body basically went into detox mode after we were done aka sore, achy and tired – feels even worse than actually running or working out!

We compromised (or rather I begged!) and settled for 1 leg workout. Craving satisfied!

Shoulders & Delts

Single sets and dropsets of:
a) Technogym overhead shoulder press
b) Technogym cable single arm lateral raise (ever tried doing a heavier load and balancing at the same time? Go give it a go!)

Supersets of:
c) DB Arnold press (and to give it an extra kick, I asked to do it on the Bosu)
d) Technogym cable rear delt (the day of “balancing” it seems!)

Supersets of:
e) Technogym cable upright row with ironbar (see what I mean?!?! “Balancing”!)
f) Cybex AbCrunch

Single set of:
g) LF leg press (full rack! Should I be bummed that the Technogym machine was out of order?!?!?!)

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