Monday, January 14, 2013

Pierce Reservoir Run

Easy relaxed paced group run with the Pierce Reservoir Run (PPR) group yesterday. First time in PR and the overall impression is: absolutely stunning place! Go try it, perhaps join the group on their weekly runs (Saturday or Sunday mornings) although if there’s interest, they may decide to throw in a weekday run. The route is 10km out-and-back from the car park and what I would describe as rolling hills although on the return journey, boss Chun Yan, threw in a steep 500-600m hill climb to the gate of the reservoir. Jasmine did that twice! Believe there were about 6 climbs in total – very manageable and slightly “easier” than DH. The route is mainly asphalt with some grassy portions before the turnaround.

The final 3km was a loop at the Lower Pierce – this was really scenic as well and included portions on the broadwalk and steps, narrower path – no way you could speed up there which is just as well coz you definitely should focus on the trees, fringe of the trail and the reservoir (I swear even the water was glistering!). Unfortunately this was only about a km and the rest of the route was asphalt, running by an expensive neighbourhood. This portion of the route would probably be classified as “gentle” – downhill towards Lower Pierce, past the {landed} houses, broadwalk along the fringe of the trail, broadwalk along the waterways, turnaround and back uphill along more {landed} houses.

The slopes were very manageable despite the earlier forewarning even though the pics don't look like it.
Photo credits to Ming Ham

We ended up at Casuarina Prata or at least its neighbour since the former was crowded.
Photo credits to Kenneth Kwok

As this was a group run aka super easy conversational pace, had loads of chances to catch up with Teck Hooi and Mark as well as get to know a few more runners. A few of us adjourned for prata after that. I felt so welcomed in the group and even some of the runners offered to give me a lift to/from the run – shout out to Kenneth!

Now that we’re coming down to earth from the weekend “high” (they should classify runners’ endorphins as a drug!), here’s the slam dunk reality I received from Michael this morning.

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press
b) LF chest press

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine incline chest press
d) Hammer Strength MTS incline chest press

Supersets of:
e) LF cable dual handle bar chest press
f) KB pullovers

Supersets of:
g) LF cable dual handle chest fly
h) Roller abs…but on BB with “donut” weights

Nope, Michael didn’t ease me into the transition from a relaxed weekend. It was stark reality. How was your weekend?

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