Monday, January 7, 2013

Epic Weekend peppered with a Run Controversy

Epic and probably insane weekend – ran the DH back-to-back on both days, one of which was in reverse and a race topping that day up with a heavy duty strength training and a third workout yesterday evening (10 sets of the 272 steps of Batu Caves).

Here’s how things panned out:

Saturday morning: DH with the TPRC and Choi’s gangs where chasing Alexis was thrown outta the window at 100m – she was definitely very “semangat” and ran with IM Henry Wong! Decided to conserve the tank and spent the rest of the day mostly in the prone position.

Sunday: The MPIB Run followed by a Chest & Pec workout (see below); naturally I had t take the entire afternoon to recover before meeting Boss and the gang for a “lovely” stair climb at Batu Caves. Lots of runners were there and the cammaderie was infectious. So yeah, I was totally poofed when I got home yesterday evening.

Chest & Pecs

Single set of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press

Supersets of:
b) Hammer Strength MTS incline chest press
c) Decline push-ups

Single set of:
d) Hammer strength pec chest fly
e) LF Dual Adjustable Pulley BB chest press
f) LF Dual Adjustable Pulley pressdown
g) Roller abs

Shoulders & Biceps

Can you imagine the horror that was etched on my face when the first sentence that came out from Michael’s mouth this morning was: how about doing a leg workout today?

I fainted.

After I came through, rationale prevailed and we ended up with this (not that it was any easier!)

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press (drop sets)
b) DB lateral raise (drop sets)
c) Hammer Strength MTS overhead shoulder press
d) Dual Adjustable Pulley rear delt (drop sets)

Supersets of:
e) Dual Adjustable Pulley frontal raise
f) VIPR Arnold press with a bicep curl at the end of each set

Single set of:
g) Precor AbCrunch

MPIB Run Controversy

I ended up with 5 blisters, 3 of which are bloody ones. Oh wait, that’s not what you expected, huh? But hey, I need an outlet to post the sordid details of my experience at the run and after all, it’s my blog.

Ok, ok, you want the gossip, right? Here goes [N.B. this is pending word from the organizer and Race Director on my post on their FB page]

Quote/gist of my FB posting

I gathered that there was a formal and official complaint lodged against one of the podium finishers of the Men Open 5km and was wondering if the results of the winnders have been confirmed as per the pic in your page? If investigations are pending, shouldn’t the results be held back as per what the organizers of the Singapore Marathon 2012 did for the FM category? Or is the organizer allowing this to slide? If this was the case, you’ve lost my respect and confidence in fair play and I may reconsider participating in your next event.

Dear MPIB Organiser,
Runner’s Guide Book page 3.
Race instruction: Substitution & Non-Registered Runners

Why (sp) was this not enforced before prize ceremony?
What happened to verification of runners?

Sorry, I’ve problems printing out the screen shot but you can head to their FB page.

Chip in with your comments.

[Edited at 8:35pm: It appears that the organizers have voided the results of the said runner and the party will return the aforesaid prize. Here is the FB link. Also Runners Malaysia have come out with the following statement:

"RunnersMalaysia do not encourage and certainly do not condone a runner participating in an event under another person's name. Worst is that person claiming a prize under another person's identity. Please register yourself, if you want to run. Doing otherwise will not only be unethical and selfish but dangerous. Consider this: wearing another's bib may result in the wrong medical treatment or the wrong parties notified in the case if emergencies. On top of depriving another deserving runner his prize and place on the podium. 

What can you do? Don't sell your race bibs if you're unable to participate. There's always the next race. Don't buy from sellers. Educate your friends."]

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