Monday, November 5, 2012

Starting Anew – 14-Day Challenge: Days 7, 8 and 9

Day 7: Saturday

Day-long hike to Lata Medang and Lubuk Mecu but not before a quick meditation in the morning. Totally whacked out after that; the hike itself wasn’t as difficult; the travel time (especially the traffic on the way home!) was the killer! Now who would have thought there’s traffic in Rawang, Kepong etc on a Saturday evening?!?!?! It was a different workout and cross training for sure.

The hike ended with a sumptuous lunch/tea at Ulu Yam where we also celebrated this boy’s “107th” birthday. I had the God-sent coconut juice and cake but let me assure you that the rest swept clean the other dishes! Easily. No. Sweat.

Challenge: Checked!

Day 8: Sunday

Super not awesome…that casual hike did me in! Shin splints that were so bad that I had to ask for a painkiller and mom even suspected a major muscle tear. Thank god, it’s not but the last 24 hours have been super harrowing; nothing worked – Celebrex, stretching, foam rolling, elevating it, heat pack, ice pack, muscle rub, patches. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

Spent the day in bed trying to sleep…to no avail and started formulating backup plans for a colleague today (important, break-or-deal meeting this afternoon!). The pain only subsided at midnight at which point I walloped a kaya puff coz I woke up hungry (zzz at 8pm after dinner. You can pick up your jaw from the floor now. You’re welcome.)

Challenge: Failed. Resoundingly.

Day 9: Today’s workout:

Hampered by the shin splints, hence the Back & Lats this morning. Put in a short sun salutation before heading to the gym.

Single sets of:
a) Free-standing pull-ups (hmmm…should I be hopeful that I’m “FINALLY” getting the hang of this?!?!?!)
b) DB bendover row
c) LF cable lat pulldown
d) LF cable low row

Supersets of:
e) KB deadlift
f) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt

Single set of:
g) Leg raises (oh hi hi. Long time no see!)

Challenge: Checked!

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