Friday, November 2, 2012

Five Things Friday & Starting Anew – 14-Day Challenge: Day 6

1. Hip flexor doesn’t seem to be healing. Still in pain and so much weakness especially mounting the stairs.

2. Lai is organizing a day trip hike to Kuala Kubu Bharu tomorrow and Kenny has invited me to come along. The mind and heart are tugging at the strings but with the hip flexor as it is, I don’t know. Even though the route is rated “moderate”.

3. Halloween was 2 days and here’s Miss Ashley pushing Miss Hayley on their trick-or-treat jaunt around the neighbourhood.

4. This arrived 2 days ago – 5 gym tops for under USD95!

5. 14-Day Challenge: Today’s workout:

a) Walked around the neighbourhood
b) Elliptical cross trainer
c) BW strength training (not much, just a few)
d) {fingers and toes doubly crossed} for a short yoga and meditation session before dinner

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