Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leg Workout

I had half the mind to suggest a Chest & Pecs or Shoulders & Arms workout this morning when Michael blurted out “Legs!”. Yeah, so the left heel is getting better; its twin decided he needs TLC and decided to kick up a fuss. Golly, what does it take to have pain-free, injury-free and numb-free feet? Serious question, ok?

Most obvious answer would be not to do the following (#revolutionarystuff)…though I’m pretty pleased to have finished it rather well. #bigheaded

Supersets of:
a) EPIC hack squat (I didn’t know which was more evil – a machine squat or the Smith machine BB squat; on the former, it’s a heavier load but keeps my form in check; on the latter, relatively lighter but my form inevitably takes a dip towards the end. End result – a lighter 400lbs but higher reps)
b) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press (690lbs after a warm up of 400lbs; funny how 400lbs is a warm up now, eh?)
c) Cybex seated calf raises

Supersets of:
d) Technogym leg extension (I was waiting for the cue for the second leg press…it didn’t happen! Now you guys can go out and get a lottery ticket!)
e) Cybex prone leg curl

Supersets of:
f) Kettlebell walking lunges (next surprise – lighter weight! Although on a recovering heel, it felt otherwise)
g) BW leg press (ahah! So this was the second leg press!)

We wrapped up with some roller abs on the Bosu. Another score! Balancing on my knees seems “easier”. All in, a successful morning to kick start Thursday.


And now, can I please request for some healing prayers and thoughts? Pretty please.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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