Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Post Songkhla Workouts

Jumping back to work and workouts after the short weekend getaway in Songkhla.

Monday’s So Not Busty Workout

On deck: Chest & Pecs. I guess anything other than legs (Songkhla International Glorify Marathon 2012 was this past Sunday!) was God-send!

Single sets of (2 drop sets):
a) Smith machine bench chest press
b) Smith machine incline chest press

Supersets of (2 drop sets again!):
c) Technogym cable chest fly (I “volunteered” to do an extra set to make it 4. Yeah, maybe the sun, sea and breeze of Songkhla did something to my head!)
d) Push-ups on balanced small Bosu

Supersets of:
e) Kettlebell pull-overs
f) Leg raises

Woke up to super sore and achy chest and pecs, so I was glad we only had to use the legs today and not penciled in a Back & Lats workout. Yeah, I know…opposing muscles but it takes effort...ya know!

Taman Desa Seputeh Hill Training – 28 August 2012

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh + 1 lap around Taman Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km + 2km = 10km (Garmin: 9.74km)
Timing: 51:31 for 5:17 min/km pace

Solo run this morning since Kenny’s legs shut down after his weekend extravaganza of marathon futsal and running. Didn’t want to bail out on running this morning since we’re probably going mid-to-long this weekend and it’ll be good to shake out the legs before then.

Warm up: House to train station via furniture mall (0.909km; 5:27)
Whoa…something is wrong…the right quad felt sore and seemed to be pulling the weight and we’re not even done with this lap.

Let’s try to settle in and wake up the left foot and shift the focus to the left to take some weight off the right.

Nope, didn’t really work and there was no way I could call off the run. Hey, I needed to report the splits to Kenny later on. It’s called accountability BTW. Don’t know why I choose to fark myself like this.

Lap 1 (3.374km; 17:55)
Hmmm…right quads were sore and felt like it was carrying the load for about half a km but once we hit the km1 hills, both quads were working. Good thing because ending up with a trunk for a right foot and a stick for the left is not sexy! Speeded up the slope to Mutiara Seputeh despite telling myself that I should conserve a little something for laps 2 and 3. Obviously the signals were jammed this morning – tell me, who among you guys played with the air frequency this morning?!?!?! Cruised the downhills on km3 after the short {steep} climb.

Lap 2 (3.385km; 17:34)
Was thinking if the uncle with the dogs would be out and sure enough, spotted him on the climb at km1. Not that I could even muster a “Good Morning” or even a grunt! Oh well, maybe wave to him on the downhills later on. And I did! Surprisingly km2 went by fairly quickly although the quads were hurting – kept the mind busy with I-can’t-even-recall-the-conversations-in-my-brain-this-morning-now. Whatever that does the trick I reckon.

Finishing mile: Train station to house via Old Klang Road loop (2.067km; 10:31)
The worst of the roads – potholed ridden every step of the way and it seemed to have deteriorated in the last 2 weeks; probably from the lorries hauling stuff to the construction sites. And the big hole they dug up in the middle of the road is still there; still cordoned off so it’s still basically a one-way street traffic; these 2 naturally translates into POTENTIAL DANGER. Golly how long do they need to fix things up?!?!?

Oh I digress. Back to run – quads were on fire on the climbs and 99% of it would have been my fault since I decided to speed up in an {futile} effort to “get it over and done with”. I’ll never learn that that stretch is that long/particular distance and that steep and will always be there no matter how fast I go. Sure faster but shaving off 5 minutes of agony? Unlikely. I never learn.

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