Friday, April 20, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. I forgot to bring my cammy. Sorry for today’s wordy post! You’ve been warned…nope, I won’t hold it against you if you decide to skip this post.

2. I lost an Excel file this morning, naturally has to be the one I spent hours minutes slogging over. The world is saved! Because if it was the former, every one of you out there WILL HAVE TO HELP ME RETRIVE IT.

3. Think I’ll just click “Publish Post” on the Singapore Flyer 5k recap instead of waiting for the results – nothing seen nor heard since the event last weekend.

4. Living up to my title “Queen Procrastinator” and paying the price for it. Calluses and hard skin on my palms. I should have replace the gym gloves……………………………………365 days ago. Same goes with the Vibrams.

5. As insanity rules with regards to runs and workouts (what?!?!?!? Only applies to me???), we did a back workout instead of Michael’s original suggestion of shoulders-and-arms (yeah, in my mind, this is the lesser of the evil). Let’s fire away then…

Supersets of:
a) Free standing pull-ups (uurrghh! Not a good start…made me wanna retract my earlier statement. For those of you who don’t know me, I suck (like BIG TIME) on pull-ups. And we were NOT done at 3 sets!)
b) Plate weight bendover row

Supersets of:
c) LF cable medium grip lat pull-down (and the downward slide continues..)
d) Precor T-bar row (can you tell that I’ve slinked to the gym floor???)

Supersets of:
e) LF cable overhead shoulder press (the first set was do-able…as was the earlier reps in the second and third sets; rest…you figure it out)
f) LF cable back row (using the same iron bar)

Supersets of:
g) Technogym criss-cross rear delt (I don’t know why we keep having to do things that I suck at!?!?!?)
h) DB lateral raise (now, if I can’t even do ***lbs…what makes Michael think I can hammer out a stellar performance when the weight is increased…even just a tad.)

Supersets of:
i) TRX bicep curl (modified with BB)
j) TRX roller abs

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!

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