Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Progressive Run – 13 March 2012

Route: BA > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > Bird Park > LG + 2 laps around LG
Distance: 4.8km + 2 * 2.3km = 9.4km (Garmin:9.37km)
Timing: 47:53 for 5:06 min/km pace

Kenny was still fatigued from the weekend’s race and decided to take an extra rest day, so it was just the park and me this morning. Thought of putting in a faster pace this morning – I generally like to get in a faster pace run during the week and the earlier in the week, the better…because that meant I didn’t have to worry about inclemental weather or appointments popping up unexpectedly. Hey, life happens.

BA > LG (4.811km; 25:13 min)
Instead of heading to the lake and coming back up, I decided to tackle the hills first. Yes, you’ve to sometimes live life on the edge and give yourself a cardiac. Progressive run aka suicide run because the first 2km was the hill climb. Someone obviously left her brain behind.

Eeekk…leak near the playground at LG…feet soaked. Awesome-sauce because I have to run by this another 2 times.

Lap 1 LG (2.273km; 11:20 min)
Just checked the splits – spot on equal (I'm stoked!!!) although I didn’t know it at that time. Today’s mantra (from my commando BF; yes, he’s an actual serving military officer who has done that Gobi Dessert run and climbed Everest): run at a consistent EFFORT, not pace. Apparently, this is the same one echoed by the Marine Corp race director (another serving personnel in the USAF). Yeah by now, you should have an idea that I like men in uniform.

Bumped into LikSng after km2 of the lap (he was running in the opposite direction) before waddling through that puddle {again}.

Lap 2 LG (2.281km; 11:16 min)
Hmm…I feel like stopping.

No, you can’t because you’ll hate yourself more later.

Let’s just finish this round, even if today’s mileage is less than 6.

Yeah, let’s not get anal about hitting 10km.

Oi…repeat the mantra NOW!

Ran into LikSng again – I must apologize for looking like death and about to murder you.

Oh…watch the puddle…done and done for the day!

Finished up with another 30 min on the elliptical at the gym.

Bento Box Challenge: {plated} overnight oats (used chocolate soy milk)

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