Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And there were some inconsequential runs

Recap of some of past few runs. Ok, it’s only 3 but you’ve gotta agree that “some” sounds better. Humour me.

Hill Training – 11 February 2012

Route: Seputeh – Taman Desa Seputeh – Taman Desa
Distance: 4km + 6km = 10km (Garmin: 9.33km)
Timing: 50:42 for 5:26 min/km pace

Our usual 10km hill training route – the distance variance is probably due to the elevations although I thought Garmin has an auto-correct function for this since it does map it to global maps. I had to take a rain check on a planned LSD since I had a day-long (read: zzz!) event on Saturday which was why we ran this route although I did point out to Kenny that he could still do an additional loop to tag on the mileage. Nothing unusual about the route or run and we had agreed to take it easy. After all, I did have a race the next day notwithstanding the intention to take it as a tempo training and I still had that zzz event later on.

Tempo Run a.k.a. Jog 4 Pace Klang 2012 – 12 February 2012

Route: Out-and-back from Goldcourse Hotel Klang
Distance: 6km (Garmin: 5.41km)
Timing: 26:08 for 4:50 min/km pace

Race recap here. Paid tempo training run which turned out to be more than any of us bargained for.

Recovery Run – 14 February 2012

Route: Danmansara Jaya neighbourhood (what? you think I would tell you exactly where I stay???!!! Yeah, while I did show off my bod in a public forum...I still retain some {sorta} sanity vis-a-vis potential stalking)
Distance: 5.34km
Timing: 27:54 for 5:13 min/km pace

Kenny is travelling and I didn’t feel like making my way to Lake Gardens this morning (I call it intuition rather than sloth, thank you very much!). Recovery run, easy run, nothing planned – just a run around the neighbourhood while trying not to make it to the roadkill list. I can (100%) tell you that this requires exceptional skills! Look at how I’ve survived Malaysian road races so far. (Fingers and toes crossed, double crossed)

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