Thursday, February 9, 2012

adiNation Training Run and Thursday’s Tempo

adiNation Training Run – 8 February 2012

a) “Boss” Ronnie
b) Group Lead Kei Ming (finally!!!)
c) Vijay*
d) Bee Hoon*
e) KK (for chit chat)

Route: PAR loop + Modified PAR loop + 1 lap around LG
Distance: 3.14km +2.42km + 2.3km (ran perfect tangents!?!?!?) = 7.86km (Garmin: 7.86km)
Timing: 43:13 for 5:29 min/km pace

* started earlier and did the laps around LG (?)

Boss decided to suss out the route for the Pacemaker Anniversary Run (PAR) and forced asked us to join him because he needed the GPS function on our my watch. Kei Ming was Garmin-less and I so nearly wanted to pass him my watch because it would be a recipe for disaster if I had to follow Boss’ pace. Naturally we had to correct him when he said “Follow Me” to “Follow Us”. He must have been in extreme “pain” having to keep to our turtle speed.

Lap 1 (3.144km; 18:12 min)
The PAR loop starts from our usual point and after the turnaround at the public toilet, you’ll need to mount the STAIRS to heaven (or hell during the race) before the downhill through Deer Park, coming back to our usual LG lap. Let me remind you: I DON’T do STAIRS. Ever. That’s why I never did the Towerthon and have no plans to do it either, thank you very much. Yes, I walked up. Naturally the splits for this km was north of 6 min/km not that any of us were concerned. In fact, yesterday’s route sussing was also a catch-up session with Kei Ming. Yeah, there was some grilling on his new gal pal.

Lap 2 (2.422km; 13:42 min)
The idea was to do another lap of the PAR loop to calibrate the numbers and we got as far as halfway through the STAIRS to find it LOCKED. Absolutely fabulous! Why didn’t you tell me they locked the gates before 7pm???!!! AFTER I mounted up 70% of the DARN STAIRS!

Lap 3 – usual LG lap (2.293km; 11:13 min)
I couldn’t believe it when I saw the numbers on the Garmin – we ran an almost tangent! Oh, please don’t ask me to repeat this; it was a fluke shot.

Tempo Run – 9 February 2012

Route: Out-and-back from Seputeh to Desa Waterpark
Distance: 2 * 5-ish km = 10-ish km (Garmin: 10.3km)
Timing: 53:49 for 5:13 min/km pace

Kenny lied! Unless of course, this is his slow pace. Oh wait, he’s a 3:30 marathoner, so yes, this is turtle speed to him. Though I did DISTINCTLY remember hearing about going slow due to an ankle injury and his last 10km was done in 1:10. And I’m sure my hearing was not impaired or the office being malfunction. Wait, I should really get the playback of the convo – yeah, all convo on our phones are taped recorded (the anals or in this case, advantages, of being part of the trading floor).

First half (5.141km; 27:11 min)
I knew trouble was brewing when Kenny was ahead even before we left the neighbourhood – we would normally run the first km together and spend time catching up. The 1m gap widened and widened and widened to 500m by the time we hit the turnaround. Once it appeared that his pace was “this”, I decided not to kill myself (ya’know, there are less painful ways of killing yourself!) and went at my-natural-but-slightly-faster-than-usual pace.

Second half (5.157km; 26:34 min)
I think it’s a mighty good idea to have speed limits of 10-20 km/hr on Old Klang Road, especially on mornings when we run against traffic. Yeah, we could give you advance notice…and yes, we can be big-headed. Awful wind resistance this morning. Add tired legs to the equation and whatcha have? Your guess is as good as mine. 5:teen-ish min/km. And none of the finishing strong stuff everyone talks about. Then again, I never finish strong. I finish looking half dead 100% of the time.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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