Monday, January 9, 2012

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

The weekend started with this on Friday

Newton stash

Collecting the remaining of the Newton gifts from The Gardens. The Gods must have been smiling or taken pity with the damsel in distress because there was hardly any traffic getting there nor did I have any significant problems getting a space. Score! Here’s the very generous “stockpile”…not for long because I’m asking Ronnie to help me offload it to some unsuspecting people who need them more than I do.

Followed by this on Saturday

Shake the Gremlins out Run

Route: 2 laps around Lake Gardens + a bit more

Distance: 2 laps * 2.3km = 4.6km + + + (Garmin: 4.77km)

Timing: 24:37 for 5:09 min/km pace

Morning date with Sam. It’s seems like the mornings are the only time we could meet and have talk without anyone or anything else getting into the way. And he reminded me this past weekend that we’ve known each other for 11 years. Now, that’s a very long time…and time which seemed to have flown past. Sam is one of my best friends, someone who has watched me grown and transformed into the today-me from a naïve girl out of school, someone who has pushed me to think outside the typical boundaries, encouraged me to think and take on unconventional ideas etc. So any ideas for an 11th anniversary-day-we-met?

Lap 1

Warm up lap and we talked about his recent foray into Pose running, strides, Crossfit etc. The morning was cool and we went at a comfortable pace since neither of us have any training on schedule.

Lap 2

We tried going at a faster clip although Sam did fall back a few paces and we were good for about 500m (which of course I didn’t know till the end). I thought he was a few paces behind me and I pressed on for the finish. We had a long chat after that and saw LikSng doing his rounds. Ok, I confess: we gossiped and analyzed LikSng’s running gait. And whoever was running that morning. There. Happy?

Vinyasa Yoga

Oh so very good. I’ve always enjoyed Richard’s class after a run, whatever the distance. There was quite a bit of crowd on Saturday – New Year’s resolution perhaps?

Followed by this on Sunday

Multi-Purpose Insurance Berhad Run 2012

I conquered the distance! I survived the hills! Woot! Race recap to follow this week.

And closed with this on Sunday night

Glorious food and feasting at Shook! with SW and HTN, my BFFs.

We started with carbs a.k.a bread

SW's Lychee Margherita and HTN's Apple Mojito

Tenzaru Udon, Aglio Olio with Prawns and Calzone

Dessert. Definitely dessert. Matcha with Azuki, Tiramisu and Choc Pudding.

Crashing to reality Monday {insert sigh and sob sob}

Utterly evil and almost criminal that we only get a 2-day weekend! First up, the grueling task of hitting the weights.

Single sets of:

a) Smith machine bench chest press (5 sets! Why Michael?!?!?! Why Michael?!?!?!)

b) DB incline chest press

c) LF cable chest fly (lower degree)

d) LF cable chest fly or whatever the correct term is for from-lower-to-upwards(nope, I never do take the “trouble” to find out the proper name. you know, I need to conserve energy and Chi for my workouts!)

Supersets of:

e) DB pull-overs (tough…as it should be…and even tougher after the above)

f) Decline push-ups

Single set of:

g) Reverse abs crunches

Now you’ll please excuse me while I attempt to do the MPIB Run race recap get back to work.

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