Friday, January 6, 2012

Five Things Friday

  1.  Overslept this morning. Great start to the day, huh? Not overslept in 99% of the population’s definition. Overslept as in I woke up about 30 minutes later than I usually do and I have more than enough buffer for my workouts and an even wider berth for work (presuming the workout is annihilated from the equation). Background: I wake up before 5am on most days to have a quiet moment running through the previous day’s feature articles in the newspapers/read Runners World/Newsweek etc with a cup of coffee. I’ve found these really helpful as I prepare for my Buteyko and yoga. Then it’ll be some messing around emails etc before heading out for a run or to the gym. So this morning’s extra snooze (stupid mobile ran out of juice! Ok, my fault for not charging it!) meant no yoga and no messing about. I’m particular about having quiet moments and “me” time everyday because they calm me down and prepare me for the day’s challenges, allows me to recollect my thoughts, think through certain issues/problems. Do you set aside quiet moments or “me” time?
  2. I bought some (5 is some, right? I mean it’s not a heap, right??? Tell me, it’s a minuscule number) Running Skirts this month. These came through Choi yesterday and the rest, online. Running Skirts is having a sale at the moment and since I’m cheapo, I only buy them when they’re on sale. And my definition of sale is even narrower (yes, contrary to the sleep hour buffer above. Who said everything has to be in sync?!?!?!) – massive or heavily discounted, like the final price is less than USD30. Because Running Skirts spoiled me rotten previously – USD20 – so that’s my benchmark. Or sorts. Buzz me if you need the discount code – there’s an additional 15% off the final price.
  3. This Sunday’s “Jom Makan” series has been postponed to 11 February. Bummer...the new date doesn’t work for either John or myself. Le sigh. On the other hand, I’m free for dinner if anyone is up for it? Drop me a message.
  4. This will come completely as a shocker (and out of the blue!): for someone who works in the debt capital markets, I’m not a proponent of debt. On a personal basis. Oh sure, it’s financial discipline blah blah blah and not everyone is a millionaire and can afford to buy things e.g. home or car on a cash basis, it felt so right to be commitment and debt free. Oy, I’m rambling here and it’s coz I need one more item to make up 5 for today’s post. Or not.
  5. Legs-and-shoulders day. Yeah, my “absolute” (not) favourite although I should learn to embrace it. Ever notice how things get easier once you’ve accepted it? Things will change when you change, even if it’s just your perspective. Like when I let go of all pretensions about hitting a certain distance or timing during this week’s runs…the runs went smoothly, felt effortless and I had a smile on my face.
4 Supersets of:
a) Smith machine squats (drop set on the last set)
b) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press

Single set of:
c) Precor hammer overhead shoulder press

Supersets of:
d) DB lateral raise
e) Plate weight frontal raise

Supersets of:
f) Technogym leg extension
g) Cybex prone leg curl

Supersets of:
h) Technogym cable criss cross for rear delt
i) BB upright row
j) Leg raises

Oh wow, more shoulders than legs though I’m expecting the DOMS to set on the glutes and quads tomorrow. I could practically feel it during the leg squat press. Embrace, embrace, embrace leg workouts! On this thought, I’m currently nursing the idea of asking Michael to incorporate one leg workout on the other 2 days we train – my legs are puny and I want stronger and defined legs and glutes. More of the latter, if only for vanity.

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